Bricked Exterior with Rear Folding Doors

Work is progressing rapidly on the interior of the station, with electrical, HVAC, plumbing, drywall, etc. all complete.  The facade on the back of the building has been bricked, and the overhead rear doors of the bay have been installed. In these images, FIre Chief Robert Wight takes elected officials on a tour of the work so far.

Facade View from Second St.
New red folding doors installed
Bricked rear facade
Site Tour - Kitchen
(L to R) Mayor Robert E. Clark; Fire Chief Robert Wight
Interior Wiring
Installation interior hallway
Ceiling of Boiler Room
Site Tour - Kitchen
(L to R) Mayor Robert E. Clark; Councilman Brian Lamour; Fire Chief Robert Wight
Front Lobby
Front Lobby
Sleep Room
Site Tour - Boiler Room
(L to R) Mayor Robert E. Clark; Clerk-Treasurer Michelle LaVoy; Councilman Brian Lamour

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