Why is this back on the ballot after previous consideration?

Urgency and necessity have driven City Council to put this initiative once more before the general electorate.   We have heard your concerns about fiduciary responsibility and structural maintenance.   

Over the past decade, the City of Monroe has exhibited significant fiduciary responsibility.  There are 100 fewer employees and the City’s General Fund budget is $4 Million less than it was ten years ago due to lost property tax and state shared revenue. Despite this, the City maintained adequate financial reserves, funded its pension system obligations, and continued essential services.  One priority area that receives attention but remains in need of consideration is infrastructure investments: roads, parks, and city facilities.  These investments have been deferred because of tight budgets.

The Central Fire Station is at the end of its life cycle.  Given the design of the building, it does not lend itself to satisfactory repair and maintenance.  $185,000 has been spent on building maintenance from 2003 to 2016, in addition to $113,000 in capital improvements.  Continual and increased investment into the current facility will not provide long term return and stability.  The station is obsolete in its ability to provide 21st century response capability.

Replacing this facility will have a tremendous impact on service to the neighborhoods from an improved station/public service facility that provides a proper work environment for assigned firefighters and public safety officers, while benefiting citizens and customers alike.  

The new station would provide up-to-date life-saving and safety features, advanced communication technology, and benefit the community by improving response capability, expanding training and programs, enhancing community outreach, and increasing operational effectiveness. 

How much will a new station cost?

This now reduced 0.47, 20-year millage would cost approximately $23.50 per year for the average homeowner in Monroe who owns a home with a market value of $100,000.

Below are the costs for varying property values:

     Property       Taxable           Millage          Millage

     Value             Value               Rate              Cost

     $50,000         $25,000           0.47             $12

     $75,000         $37,500           0.47             $18

   $100,000         $50,000           0.47             $24

   $150,000         $75,000           0.47             $35

   $200,000         $100,000         0.47             $47

   $250,000         $125,000         0.47             $59

   $300,000         $150,000         0.47             $71

Estimated cost of a new structure is $6.1 million - an amount that exceeds the city's current capacity to finance through general fund allocations.  



© City of Monroe, Michigan, 2016

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